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Image from internet :(Left) Sketch of Lalon Shah (right) Tomb of Lalon Shah ,Kustia


Abu Ishahoq Hossain ,Poet ,Researcher & Banker

Lalon Shah is the name of reverence, name of enigma, name of legendary, name of mystery, of pride and finally the history of Bengali literature. Today the influence of Lalon's mysticism inundated all over the world. A number of excellent pieces of work have been carried on and this trend day by day spontaneously increasing. But all the exertions to explore Lalon have been baffled. It just could be able to flash out a little dazzle of a gigantic star. As much research works on Lalon are chalked out much so far mystery are appeared to. Lalon Shah to us is familiar as top class Boul saint, Yoga practitioner and Boul personality. But I think his confinement in the narrow cell of Boul is a delusion to encaste him as well as to bedim his bright glow . He should n't be bounded into me tiny garret of Boul. He is a great poet, sophisticated philosopher, famous musician, innovator and preacher of new religious tenet, popular social worker and a hold fighter against social discrimination and disparity.

Lalon Shah was bom in 1774 just after 18 years of seizing the power of Bengal by the British, though some of his extremist disciples negate it and feel comfort to mention Lalon does n't get birth but was appeared. The advent of Lalon in Kustia adds fuel to this rumor. ' In me exordium of Lalon Gitee edited by Montu Shah about holography of Lalon U is manifested. "In one morning Moulana Malom Shah in ECaliganga river discovered a sick boy of sixteen to seventeen and rescued him. After their affectionate nursing the boy got remedy. Moulana Malom Shah was stupendous with the mysterious, queer and enigmatic name "Lalon'' - He was fancied with the philosophical interpretation of the holy Quran and Hadith and took apprenticed to him immolating 5 acres of ha high land with orchard through a will now where the shrine of Lalon stands on. He was alive about 116 years but in his long lifetime no kin or relative came to meet with him." (Lalon Gitee Vol. no-1; By Monlti Shah)

Lalon Shah is generally known as Boul saint, devotee song composer and a good lyricist. The description is partly true. All of his writings are in form of lyric and performed as song which full of Yoga knowledge, sentiment of devotion and mysticism. Everybody ignores his poetic talent. Lucid expression, unimpeachable presentation, attractive prosodic incarnation and excellent word masonry enrich his writing, which bears all the components of excellent literary work. Every poem of Lalon bears a high quality artistic approach, expression of any aspect of life, love, death, grief, delight are portrayed so universally and lively that it has been the hidden speech of others mind reason why his poesy has become their morning and evening psalm. What a beautiful expression of his resentment for pending task.

"The debit account has been rendered to the Lord

Any time the summon may be served.''

Lalon enriches his literary works using all forms of literary ornaments like simile. Comparison, analogy, allegory and metaphor and so on. Let's have a diquiaitional glance over some of his poems; "How does the bird

Flit in and out of cage."

Lalon Shah in this poem compares the human soul with bird and me body with cage where lie philosophizes body-mystic philosophy. In some of his poem he compares the body with "Room" which is the glorious throne of God, where he plays with gaiety. His allegorical expression adds new dimension to his poetic work. He was quite efficient to allegorize the address of his poem, which easily can draw the attention of the reader and seize their curious mind. He could be able to make exclusive the very ordinary subject, which is his grand quality.

“The moon is star encircled

How, then, can you catch it?”

What an allegorical work. "Moon is star encircled" or "the stars are but flower of the moon." He outstandingly allegorizes "the moon'' as a tree and "the star" as the flower, it's really me splendid literary quality which is the distinctive instinction of a great poet.

"I did n't see him even for a day

Who dwells in the mirror-city close to my house?"

What a fantastic artistic work .The subject is very ordinary, the language is simple but the presentation is most sensitive, most humorous and. most attractive. The reader becomes, mesmerized to the prolific poetic talent of Lalon who creates such an allegory "mirror - city." It's really unmatchable, peerless and unprecedented literary technique of making something very special of something very ordinary , which is the utmost quality of the best poet.

To the approbation of Lalon's poetic talent a prominent folklore collector and researcher Muhammad Munsur Uddin says, "No contemporary poet was to be compared with Lalon. The song of Lalon Shah bears the quaking of life and delightful reason why the rural indigent people preserve it. This song quenches the spiritual musical thirst, in fact, though Lalon is illiterate but his songs are full of refulgent. The language of Shah is more glorious than Dasharoti Ray, Modhu Kanan even than the language of Ram Prasad-No other his contemporary Muslim poet can be compared with him, even the poem of great litterateur Meer Mosharraf Hossain is worse than that of Lalon. (Haramoni- Vol.-5; Muhammad Munsur Uddin.)

to be continued ..


Dr. Abdul Wahid—A devoted writer in Bengali literature

A versatile genius Dr. Abdul Wahid, who is the author of over 300 books and journals, and also an educationist, translator, columnist and researcher, has been continuously enriching Bengali literature by his writings and research.

Translation of his 50 books for children and juveniles have made also fertile the land of Bengali literature.

With a view to cementing the foundation of Bengali literature, Dr. Wahid has dedicated himself to research on Bengali language and is writing and translating one after another. The fame he has earned already through his hard work is a matter of envy for anyone. The work which has not been done in Bengali literature in big volume so far, he is doing it with full dedication.

His great works include Nazrul Chorcha (Practice) in Urdu and Persian, Great Poems of Iqbal. Biswa Gourob Iqbal. Onno Kbel (Other field), Onno Fashal (Other harvest), Muslim Bisser Oikya (Unity of Muslim World), Al-Quran Jiggasha and Jabab (Al-Quran Quesiion and Answer), History of Tafsir Literature, Tafsir Literature and Litterateur, Tafsir Literature in sub-continent, Is Translation and Explanation of Quran Possible? Islamic Education in Bangladesh— Expectation and Attainment, National Professor Dewan Mohaminad Azraf—Person and Life. Writer Professor Shahcd AU: Life and Works, Sirat Sarok, Allama Iqbal (1 st part-o 111 pan), Allamaa Iqbal Sangsad Patriica etc.

Besides, He has also written text books for different classes which have highly acclaimed. Dr. Wahid, a man of all rare virtues,always thinks of country's betterment, our society which is already destroyed by insects and grooming up of our kids in the light, of Islamic ideology, Being frustrated having seen the moral degradation of children and present process of reforming the society, he has embarked upon a tough task and has succeeded. He has filled up a big vacuum in Bengali literature by translating 50 books into Bangla from different language for children and juveniles which have been appreciated.These books are now being considered as rare works for children who will not demand for toys if gets these books. Guardians can also give these, books to their kids as gift instead of other playing tools.

These books are: Obadhho Chele, Picniker Porinoti, Oshadharon Koshagar, Prithok Hoyecho to Morecho, Bachha Valluker School Jatra, Jiboner Achar Bebohar, Priyo Nabir Priyo Bani, Pathorer Shahar, Pathorer Manush, Dayaban Hridoyer Puroshkar, Upore Thutu Churle Nijer Gayei Pore, Jonaki Pokar Angikar, Hasher Ghana, Alokito Path, Dalan Khekho Poka, Oporichito Doyalu, Moner Moto Fandi Ato, Ami Ekti Chorui Pakhi, Sath Ti Kahini, Baroti Mukta, Valuk 0 Kath Birali, Dui Jon Maa, Kaba 0 Pagoda, Niyotir Faal, Ujjol Char Nokhhatra, Quraner Bishhe Vromon, Najjashir Rajshova etc.

Banker by profession , Dr. Abdul Wahid is holding the post of Vice President (Public Relations Department.) in Islami Bangladesh Limited. Bengali, English, Urdu, Arab and Persian languages are his medium of study. He is faculty member of Bangladesh Islamic University.

He is associated with many socio-cultural organizations and members of Bangla Academy, National Press Club, Asiatic Society, Nazrul Academy and life member of Bangladesh Institute of Islamic Thought .

He has already traveled India, Nepal, Aracan, Dubai, Kashmir, Afghanistan and Pakistan to attend International seminar, symposium and congress.


Isn't Kazi Nazrul Islam our National Poet?

BM investigation ,7th November ,2008

In the midst of anti corruption drive, the effort to uproot from the earth of our cultural tradition is going on full swing. Few months back an incongruous insult was done by the authority of the Daily Prothom Alo, a Bangladeshi Benagli newspaper, regarding the name of our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SM).

Since they were not tightly punished the courage to repeat the same increased.Al though it is not regarding our prophets concern, it is nothing but the national Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. We know that at time of English occupation in Bangladesh up to the 50's in the 19 th Century particularly in Bangladesh – the subcontinent at large, a Bangali Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam inspired the whole nation for the independence by writing invaluable literary works for what he has been honored as the National Poet of Bangladesh in the time and time aftermath. His literary concept inherited from the heart of the Muslim community and so we can not but respect him. From the peak of the hair to his toe he was an anti imperialistic figure too. In addition, his literature sketched the concept of a state which may be truly a state governed by the teaching of Al Quaran. As he was clear cut about the concept of Islam, exploitation free, free from colonial influence; a great deal of effort was and is taken to be abolished his name and mission.

Near the Bahadur Shah Jafar Park a prominent college, Kazi Nazrul Islam was cut short by “ Kabi Nazrul College ” by the hands of the Bakshali just after the liberation war in 1971. The amendment has not yet been done and the truth has been established that Kazi Nazrul Islam was just a poet, not a Muslim!!!

Chasing the path of the senior Bakshali, a teacher of Glory International School at Mirpur -10, has erased the emblem of NATIONAL POET from the Note pad of a student. Investigation suggests that while the teacher checked the khata of a student of the school named - Ridwan Ahmed Ridom (Prep-2, Roll-4, Section-Jaba, and Subject- General Knowledge. Details of the school is: Name: Glory International School, House# 7, Road #8, Block # C, Mirpur- 10, Dhaka).

She erased the emblem “National Poet” of Kazi Nazrul Islam .Even though she did not make any correction the work “Rono Sangit” as it was wrongly written by the student .The investigation revealed she was Nurun Nahar Khan Nahar who did such a arrogance! We propose to the Government through our site that the respective branch of the Government shall take an exemplary action against the responsible and furnish the respect of our national Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam in the national level.

Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam is still alive in the heart of a true Bangladeshi. We pray to Allah so that he may be forgiven by Allah if he had any limitation and would place in the Jannatul Ferdaus.


Congratulation ! Syed Shamsul Haq

BM Desk ,27th January, 2007 :

Our congratulation to Syed Shamsul Haq on a golden moment of his life who reached 56 years of the carrier as a writer on 16 Muharram, 1429 accordingly 26 January 2008.

He is, of course, a prominent poet in Bengali literature and so we can not but proud for him. The treasure he dedicated in Bengali literature obviously filled the thirst of us and shall do ever. He is famed not only for his romanticism he is famous for building dreams for a nation like ours .On the eve of 1965 Pak-India war he inspired us with the dedication to a inspiring poem which was later compiled in Chiro Durjoy( “Ever Invincible”) in 1966 from Pakistan Publications, although the Pakistan was separated and we became independent, the appeal of the poem still stirs us about the truth he wished to offer . For the curiosity of the reader, the poem is provided herein (PDF).

We again pay our tribute and wish his long life on the splendid moment.

<<<<<<<<<<POEM OF SYED SHAMSUL HAQ (PDF ) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>





Indian Dish culture aggression : Need effective measures

BM Desk, 1 September , 2007 :

How many people know Hindi? Yet the Indian Hindi program is seen while the dish is open to watch. Most of the Indian channels are full of dance full of obscenity, movies full of violence; even the Indian channel shows the Hollywood movies full of arms violence, sex vulgar ultimately lead the viewers in ruins. Those are nothing to make the constructive. The violence, brutality, killings are trained through the movies. Some songs choose such choreography that is bizarre while to be with the families. They are so nasty that the level of morality must deteriorate. The present violence in the society is brood from this movie. With the availability of Bangladeshi channels the trends are less than the age of Video when the Indian obscene movies were rampant to watch in Bangladesh . Chief of cable operators in Bangladesh few months back commented on bad impact of the Indian movies. Recently a non Bengali owned Bangla channel from Kolkata is showing a dance competition headed by Mithun Chokroborti, a Bangladesh born actor, is so incidence that even the traditional Hindu family can not tolerate it. Even the body language of the actor is so awful that seems to be a drunkard in the pub! It contradicts with the moral standard of Bangladeshis and so Ministry of Communication and other related body should take the necessary action in order to stop such programs.



Hilly artists charmed the audience

BM Correspondent,Dhaka, 26 July ,2007:

Who did know that the peoples of Hill tracts organize a bamboo dance for celebrating a sorrowful event? or suppose, the cow killing festival? Who did know that the Marma arranges a dance party with fans like Indonesians on the eve of San Rai festival? Today's program at the auditorium of Russian cultural centre opened the treasure tank before us! Furthermore, New Year, marriage day, special religious days those regulate the mood of hilly lives render through different medium of art were no longer ambiguous those spared their valuable times at the program arranged at the venue in this rainy afternoon. The colorful cultural event of one and half hours cemented with the dance and songs of the different community: Marma, Bawm, Khyang ,Tanchangya and Mru . The dance of the Marma with the candles, dance of jum farmers, the song is sung on the eve of Provakaran festival by the juvenile of the Marma community, Sheng dance on the mark of the dead bloomed the diversity of their cultures. Not only this but Yea Aka or fan dance during San ray by the Marma, Song from a Bawm singer, Kong Chang; the water vessel dance of the Tanchangya, Water festival of the Murma wearing special turban and pot at hand, song in the language of Khyang,Cow killing of Murong, Dance of the Marma carrying dish on the marriage ceremony and the bamboo dance of Bawm also entertained the audience . One Hilly artist's Bangla song ‘Aina te oi muk dek bay jakhon…..' and ‘ Aj ai din ta ke moner khatai likhe rakhbo..' again marked the harmonious relationship among the Bangladeshis . Enriching Bangladeshi culture formed with the participation of the hilly peoples must have missed if anybody was really absent to such a program ! Bandarban Hill Districts Council, Bandarban Tribal Cultural Institute and Alliance Françoise jointly organized and supported by the UNESCO are exclusively be expressed thanks for rendering such a memorable event.





One post card and raising one Reza in Khulna

Shamim Akhter , Dhaka :

It was 1983 .I was in class three. At that time, a senior brother was in class six resided in the same Mohollah at West Bania khamar at Khulna . His name was Reza. Since I had the hobby to collect view cards, I asked to that senior to give me some view cards. He gave me one of his dearest view card- Bruce Lee that I showed for the reader of this site. I also followed that he used to practice nan-chakku , the tools used by Bruce Lee. At that time seven -gears was very popular among the guys like Reza. He was a young boy- how did he become the terror in Khulna and lastly spared his life by shot –is the objective to write this piece of review. It was the time when Zia – ur- Rahman just passed away and Ershad just entered in to the scenario of Bangladeshi politics. When Ershad came in to power, he set free Abul kashem, who was imprisoned for bank loot in my area, later he became the commissioner of my area who also died later by shot dead. Any way that Reza was growing up with an environment where the political parties organized the local Mastans . In that moment I saw that Reza was becoming familiar with different types of ammunitions – first hockey stick, nan chakku , later seven gear( one type of knife open and closes just pushing the knob –imported from India ) , and lastly pistol and different types of arms. When he came to school he used put those under his shirt in to his pant. The person who was once innocent just collected view cards and reared up pigeons became arms cadre of political parties. Even I pathetically watched the evolution of arms he used to be familiar in course of time . Later I shifted another school and concentrated studying and I had no communication and even he had no time to talk with me ,because he was cadre then lots of political leaders in Khulna was saluting me(or using him!?) . I respected him since he gifted me a view card of Bruce Lee. Nearly 24 (twenty-four years) I have been carrying that view card. I also noticed that he was very much fond of watching Indian Bombay movies where the actor or hero was very ferocious –could kill, beat, love whatever he wished he could. The family support and the influence of Indian and other violence movie made him spoiled. Lastly, in 1988 when I was preparing myself for the scholarship examination in class eight (and got the scholarship later), one day ,all on a sudden, heard that Reza was shot at Iqbal Nagar Mosque in Khulna and after few days he was brought to DMC but in vain, he died. Some said that Kasem Commissioner killed him; some said it was his fate, but truth was never revealed. Therefore, it was a memoir - a life went in to the path of devil- the movie's bad influence certainly one of the great cause to push him the destiny. Demonstration of firearms and for the justification of the crime of the arms holder are the prime motto of the moviemakers in Hollywood, Bollywood and even in Dhaliwood .For instance, Dipjol was one of the best investor in movie industry and a ward commissioner also, maintained the same villain lifestyles and now absconded after control of joint force .The joint force recently discovered huge illegal firearms from his resident at Gabtoli. Regards to the use of firearms I should quote from the academician. According to Malik Qasim Mustafa (2005):

In Bangladesh most of the weapons in circulation are those that were not collected after its 1971 independent war,Bangladesh, is also being used as corridor fro smuggling firearms. Currently, Bangladesh has more than 200000 small arms and most of these are with various organized criminal gangs and their political godfathers. There are about 80 crime syndicates around the country of which more than 28 are active in Dhaka alone. 22 politicians, too, use armed private militia to protect themselves, as well as, to intimidate to opponents .Law makers are also turning a blind eye both to border patrol agents who are poorly equipped and to police officers who rent out their arms to criminals and terrorists . Clandestine manufacturers operate small operations that can be set up, dismantled, and relocated overnight. In 2002, Bangladesh introduced tighter controls on firearms, but the problem remains.”

Therefore, to make, use and to kill Reza, to who I mentioned all are responsible: politicians, administration, and even the moviemakers who ultimately demonstrate how to use firearms and make sympathize to the heroes who took the law and order in their own hands avoid the administration. It is the time to rearrange their role. Mind it Allah's malika is noting everything for presenting at the Day of Judgment.

Reference: Proliferation of small arms and light weapons :Case study : Malik Qasim Mustafa ,Research fellow at the institute of Strategic Studies , Islamabad . South Asia Strategic Studies,XXV,Summer,2005,Number 2.



Violance and vulgur in the Dhakai Movies


DJUICE and Himu generation:where's to be dragged

BM Desk, 5 July ,2007 :

The prominent Bangladeshi Novelist Dr. Humayun Ahmed had launched a character ‘HIMU' that influenced some part of the educated students. In the Dhaka Varsity area including other areas yellow panjabi worn barren legs were seen. Recently those are rarely seen. Recently another phone company introduced ‘DJUICE' generation. They have formed a group who shall lead the Bangladesh in future. The main characteristics of them are:

    1. They are very liberal. They have eliminated their sense of sex and dance sing having mix withmale and female.
    2. They are very courageous .They can run, jump and whatever they can do.
    3. They are willing to accept the western dress. Even they are ready to accept McDonald's culture .etc.

Up to this it is enough to weigh up the trends of the initiator. So far it is discovered that DJUICE is the product of Grameen Phone and the advertisement concept is prepared in the Bitopi Mishami at Sherapara under Mirpur in Dhaka . Now we shall turn back to discover the term himu and djuice concept:

Himu: Himu is a character who is very inattentive, do strange task, wear yellow Punjabi, have long hair. The name Himu, so far, is depicted from a character of 16 th Christian century. According to the Hemaet Hossain it is known that he was a trader became famous .The extract:

“Only Himu replied. It was he who was famous in the Panipath. He was simply a trader, a very simple person established himself in the palace of emperor with toil and effort, became Royal caretaker .He had the opportunity to observe the Shahi lifestyles. He crippled to the peak of success step by step. At last became the right hand of Adil Shah. Although he was virtually the Chief of Military and Minster, in real sense, he was the all in all in the power and Emperor Adil Shah dipped him in the leisure vesting all the responsibility upon him.
Here Himu captured the power of Delhi and Agra and renamed ‘Bikromjit' and ‘Bikroaditto' and declared himself independent and sovereign emperor of Delhi . However, he could no longer hold the power nor he could exist.

Himu was captured by Akbar in the second war of Panpah in the year 1556 and brought to the court of Akbar. While Boirum Kha wanted to kill him by his hand Akbar resisted .Said: Mr.Kha, defeated and chained enemy was not Akbar's prey.

-That was Himu”

I have just discovered about the character from the journal. The color yellow is the symbol of intellect in the Hindu mythology , on the other hand , red orange (very close to yellow) is uninspired by our prophet to wear. So what is the purpose of importing this character and symbol? The answer is very simple to eliminate the Muslim identity from us. The Himu was, so far discovered, a Hindu character that captured the power from the Muslim tactfully. In the History of Bangladesh a prominent President in the last phase of seventies in the last century was killed by a group of solider, the conspirator was pointed to a Doctor who was nourished by the President. In the year 2002, I got a notification of the Ministry of Establishment where a name of a Private Secretary was allowed to use the name Prodip Rayhan without affidavit, he was just used his Muslim name to camouflage in the administration. His real name was Prodip Chandra Roy. The gerua was close to yellow is the dres of bamachari ( A Baul group ) who was widespread in the English period who spoiled the Iman of Muslims .Regards to the issue Maulana Akram Kha mentioned in his Book cited in Abbas Ali Khan (1994) , “ The words and inner menaing of the Holy Quaran produced by this Shaitan bald Fakir used,were very strange indeed. They meant by the word House-e-Kawsar as the periodical liquid of the women instead of the sweat water of the heaven. The way they drunk this spoiled fakir drunk the sperm was to utter ‘Bis me allah(Mai jallah,maia jallah) i.e. Allah rest in the sperm-they uttered Bismillah in that sense. …

The so called Muslim priest of that group arranged a drama likewise the undress of Sita by Sri Krisna. When the priest or Pir visited in the house of the followers the young male and female gathered in the house of the Muridan wearing good dress like the Gopini in the Brindabon later …..the undressed and engaged illict activities….” Later Said Ahmed Shaheed had to commence a massive reform work .

In the same way Djuice is imported to make the new generation spoiled like wise the westerners have spoiled their generation. While the English traders captured the power from the Siraz at Palashi they gradually started to brown skin but the English brain in the region. Firstly the Muslim resisted the culture, but the Hindus accepted the western culture. They established Young Bengal. Although they have changed the Hindu society they accepted one thing wine. According to Dr. Mannan (1969) pp. 39 he said,”.. The leading in the reformer was Rammohon Roy used to drink wine and used to inspire his fellows. At that time drinking wine was one of the symbols of elimination of superstition ...”

Later this wine culture was spreaded among many so called leading figure that had made more destruction than the development. The characteristics of the beauracrcy and leadership could no longer avoid the notion of wine . As a result this beauracrcy and leadership became the burden to the nation till today. The massive mixing of male and female can no longer produce effective outcome. To sale the product and to make a political party in the future as failed this time DJUICE may be boomerang if the Quaran holder roars successfully.


1. Hemaet Hossain ,Anidra Palash , The Monthly Parikrom,Ashar -Srabon: 1370 ,pp.957

2. Abbas Ali Khan , Banglar Itihash ,1994,pp. 68

3.Dr.Qazi Abdul Mannan, Adhunik Bangla Sahitye Muslim Sadhana ,1969,pp. 39




Thanks to Boishakhi ,BTV and AL- JAZEERA & our media revolution

BM desk , 5th June 2007 :


We had the family relation with one of the journalist of the then leading newspaper the Daily Azad. His wife used to say to my mother that she would never marry her daughter with any journalist. Since his journalist husband had to come in a late at night doing office-job she said such. Economic factor was one of them to throw the comment . Later when at the first half of 90s I used to contribute to the Dhaka's dailies- my parent repeated the same and warned me. As a result I had no bold to accept the profession 100%. Fortunately, last few years with the foreign and domestic entrepreneurs' patronization electronic and print media job became one of the prestigious careers in Bnagladesh . Once the CSP officers had the social status, those are nearly managed by the journalists. Their faces are telecasted in a certain period in the news made them popular and enevitable to them for the country. Even some/few journalists are enjoying Motorcycle, private car, luxularious flat and hand some salary. It is a revolution indeed .During the last term most of the TV channels set up by the patronization of the ruling MPs and Ministers. As a result commoners are getting the chance to watch the political, cultural events through the channels. Even the print media is colorful and occupies different types of features and news agenda. Lots of intellectuals are contributing other than the staffs of the news paper which flowed the information like the flood . The VOA (Voice of America) and BBC(British Broadcasting Corporation) 's monopolistic service are replaced by hundreds new faces driven channels and radio. I tell often to my firnd s that if the journalists were available during 1971, there might be no war, they might find out the fact in the meeting at Pagla ghat or meeting in the Sheraton Hotel .Some argued with me that had the journalists been able to avoid 28th October, Iraq-America, Iraq- Afghanistan, Israel's atrocities, Ethnic cleansing in Bosnia – really I could not answer the question.


Bangladesh is a country suffered terrible natural calamities in different times. Then the radio contributed as much they could .But that was less effective than the expectation. But when we have lots of TV channel then why 99% channels were silent on 14 th May 2007 night when the Bangladesh Meteorological office warned 7-No danger signal which was only telecasted in BOISHAKHI and BTV .What was the reason for that? In the last year for the laziness of the meteorological officer the coastal region lost hundreds of sailors.
We love the mankind and the Bangladeshi as well. As have the eyes to differentiate the truth and wrong .the intellect can understand with single word. We thank to the authority of Boishakhi and BTV for their responsible role .We also thank to the authority of Al Jajheera for their serious report of the Israeli violation of human rights against the Palestinians. May Allah bless them all.



Million mom march ,Michigan massacre ,logi boitha and our movie

Part of international affairs:

The posters of the movies had been showing for last two months in the cinema hall of Dhaka were full of violence, dishonoring of women. This must adverse effect on the youth of Bangladesh , the incident that happened in Michigan may be staged by the spoiled juvenile with the influenced of the movies .

Main characteristics:Ferocious face , Nepali kuki,dagger on the hand , blood strained face ,short dressed actress.

Why are we ruining our values as doing BOMBAY and HOLLIWOOD ?




Morality waning !

BM review:

What is the queue for? Many might be puzzled for that. No, the queue is for the movie showing this week in the hall. I had little idea whether the juvenile class is too much eager to visit the hall. However, my visit to the hall accumulated new idea that the juvenile class working in the factory or workers in the shops and some students studying here and there frequently visit the hall.

Since they have no TV or any other personal entertainment arrangement, they rush to the hall while they get the chance .Holiday is the best chance to visit the hall. What is the best attraction for them? Answer very simple: the bloodstained hero with knife or rifle or any other arms and the short dressed heroine or side actress. It is rare to find out the cine- poster without blood stained face, fierce face of the hero and villain. From the random interview, the spectators informed that there are few clips which show how the villain or hero is misbehaving with the actress. We know women are insulted by some bad guys, but it is strange that the director needs to show how to be raped. It is intentionally portrayed so that the juvenile class can be inspired by that .When they are stimulated up; there is different arrangement by the hall authority. They arrange different women for the illicit activities: can be hired by some money. Even at Kakrail, the fellow of the same class run different brothels under the banner of residential hotels. This hotel culture crippled all around Dhaka city too. The side actress of the movie industries are found in the hotels-one source informed the reviewer. Purobi, Asia at Mirpur, Ananda at Farmgate , Rajmoni at Kakrail , Jonaki at polwell present the same picture. Even all other cinema halls have the same condition. Police have the routine work to collect illegal donation from the hall through their special ‘line man'. Other than it, the censorship authority has little inclination to the matter.

As a result, these brains washed spoiled juveniles are being used to commit different types of crimes. Recent logi bitha violence was staged by the same class shown in the picture waiting at the queue .When the Government is committed to stop the violent activities in the state must take the issue for the consideration. When these classes required to be nourished for the healthy and morally strong, the movie arrangement contradicts with the declaration. We hope the situation must change.




Idol culture on ....


BM Analyst Iltutmis , 6 February 2007:

On 1 st February 2007. The statue on the mark of assassination of the activists of the language movement in 1952 has been formally inaugurated by the Chief of the Caretaker Government Dr. Fakruddin Ahmed has been proved that the care taker Government is busy enough to do other than organizing the election.

Since the dead heroes were Muslim, it is easily assumed that in respect to their religious belief the statues must not be welcomed. Even it was not clear whether their relatives formally advised or approved to do so or not. Amazingly the statue was funded by Grameen bank which one is Dr. Fakruddin's fellow's business firm .Many indicates it from the sense of nepotism ,and we are also stunned why has he been encouraged to do while he is also the participant of Tablig-e – ejtema.

Dr.Yunis's ‘ Grameen Bank' funded 1million and 3 lac taka for the statue , which obviously struck the sentiment of the peoples .

In fact, according to the report published in the Daily Azad on 22 nd February, 1952 on 21 st February at about 4 o'clock the student of the Dhaka University studied in M.A. Muhammad Salauddin(26) died when the police shot at the students for the cause of bengali as state language .More than 20 activists were hospitalized with injuries . After 8 PM, Abdul Jabbar(30) ,Abul Barkat(25) and the press owner of Badamtoli Commercial Press Rafikuddin Ahmed (27) died. Among others the five of them were seriously injured .The names of the injured activists are as follows:

        1. Anwarul Islam(24),Salimullah Muslim Hall.
        2. A.R.Faiz, Jagannath College .
        3. Sirajuddin Khan (22), Dhaka University .
        4. Abdus Salam(27),Pieon of Government tariff Division.
        5. M.A. Motalib (14)
        6. Elahi Bakhs(40)
        7. Mansur Ali(16)
        8. Basir Uddin Awlad(16)
        9. Tahjul Islam(19)
        10. Masudur Rahman(16)
        11. Abdus Salam(22)
        12. Aktaruzzaman (19)
        13. A.Rezzak(17)
        14. Mojammel Haq(23)
        15. Sultan Ahmed(18)
        16. A .Rashi(14)
        17. Muhammad

It is extracted from the News paper that on 4 PM (21 st February,1952) the students from the hostel called on peoples to attend the Janaja from the inside of the hostel with mike .Even in Salimullah Muslim Hall students arranged a meeting on the mark of Police's killing and called for the salvation of the souls to Allah.

So ,it is clearly evident that the students and activists from different professionals died for the language were Muslim and followed the Islamic traditions . Although the police smashed the instant built shahed Minnar, the word which interestingly reveals its Islamic identity, the overall activities proved that they really tried to follow the norms reflected in the booklet presented by ‘Tamuddun Majlis', the first platform for the cause of Bengali language . The necessity for Bengali as the state language was well- explained in the book let .For the information, the readers should know that the articles published in the booklet justified the reality of the state language for the cause of understanding our own religion with our language.

To sum, there is no chance to be justified that their sacrifice can no longer be diverted in the path of idolatry, rather, it is restored on the path of their religious belief.

For the research thanks to the Authority of Bangladesh Archives ,Agargaon,Dhaka.



Investigation revealed

Bangla Academy's Dictionary under staff syndicate -(1 )

BM investigation, February 8, 2007, Dhaka :

Bangla Academy 's English –Bengali, Bengali dictionary have been syndicated regards to the marketing by the staff, officials even the DG has been revealed while the investigation conducted.

Nearly one and half billion students in Bangladesh need to have the dictionary as it is listed to their syllabus .But the planned and artificial stock and lack of proper supply in the market the students as well as the professionals are not getting the dictionary with proper value. By the survey the price of the dictionary is now on average selling at about 200 to 400 taka instead of 112 taka. Even few days ago the sales centre of bangle Academy at Dhaka had no copy for sale.For instance, Bangladesh Library, 146, Dhaka New market sells the book by 160 to 180 ,in the same market New Book Society (150,New market ,Dhaka) demanded the dictionaries between 250 -300 taka,on the other hand Novel House at new Market charged the dictionary for 450 taka .The same erratic condition of the price found in the Nilkhet market .Dewan Store (1/1 Mirpur Road ) charges the book for 250 .

For the proper marketing the Academy is loosing surplus revenue and students are deprived of getting the national book . In this gap Indian books are being filled up. Some sources suggest that the DG's involvement worsened the situation. Conversation with one DD, it was informed that DG ordered to survey the demand of the book , however, one DD replied that since there is no sales representative in the market,the survey is quite impossible .However, the reality is that there are 54 sales representative of Bangla Academy around Bangladesh –is a easy matter to sort out the total demand . So the DD misguided DG and since DG did not further conducted queries he can no longer proof him innocent to the artificial crisis. For the failure to take the necessary action in time he is to take all the responsibility.





The cinema released and showed in the last few months in the cinema halls in Dhaka and outside of Dhaka are very frustrating .Those are bleeding so much that any conscious people might got stroke. Our investigation suggested that the blood along with sexual vulgarism is so intense require kind attention to the respective quarter of the administration .We know that Film censoring board and local administration, police are assigned to monitor it. However it was not monitored properly and revealed the under hand transaction of the quarters. On the eve of Eid -Ul-Azha, for instance, released in the Dhaka city and other part of the country can be convicted blood, sex,obsinity etc which ultimately had great impact on the sociology of the peoples may destabilize the law and order of the country. The open posters proved the allegation. The name of the cinema's posters disturbed the passersby are as follows:

•  Jamaj(Duplicate )

•  Shod (Retreated)

•  Challenger Mukhe(In the face of Challenge)

•  Musa Bhai

•  Tumi Koto Sundor( How nice you are!)

•  Khuni Billa ( Killer Billa )

•  Dhoka( Cheat)

•  Rongila Mia( Glamorous lass )

•  Langra Masud (Impaired Masud)

•  Rishakshwalar Prem(Love of Rishakshwala)

•  Khotor (drastic)

If we watch the poster of Musa Bhai , we find that Mus bhai is grabing an axe in his one hand ,and dragging another man wearing cap (symbol of devoted Muslims) and the hero is blood strained .It is easily inspiring the common people to put law and order in their own hand . In corner, some pictures of women wearing dress which disturbed the passersby.Inn the poster Rongila Mia, six women's short dresses indicated that the core message of the movie is the body appeal of the actress.

In the poster Jamaj(duplicate) the two blood strained twins are face to face holding a dagger shocking and alarming the viewers.

The poster of the Langra Masud the actor is coming with large knife and the actress are shown with short dresses. We did not understand why a citizen governed by law needed to carry the large knife and intimidate.

The poster of Kathor (Drastic) depicted that the hero has pierced a piece of rod to a man and showed his heroism .Even he was carrying pistols in his both hands .Even one lady carrying a sophisticated gun, we did not understand whether it was the sample of empowerment of women or empathetic to women!

In the poster, Rikshawlar prem , the hero was carrying a blood strained knife .
in the poster ,Khoka( Cheat ) same appeal sighted that the hero is supposed to take the law and order to his hand and inspiring his viewers destabilizing the country.

I think it is enough, to support my claim that the Dhakai movies bleed too much and for the security of the country, for the restoration of the values the movies should be stopped immediately .



Art and calligraphy exhibition based on Al-Quaran at National Art Gallery, Dhaka


BM correspondent, 8 January, 2006.

The toiling for the Al Quaran that our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SA) did was unprecedented and we remember it with great respect. The Honorable Secretary of the Bangladesh Ministry of Cultural Affairs Mr. ABM Abdul Haque Chowdhury told as chief guest for the inauguration of ten days of ‘Calligraphy and painting exhibition on the light of the Al Quaran' organized jointly by Bangladesh Shilpakola Academy and Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran on 8 th January 2007 at 4 o'clock afternoon. The Secretary encouraged such exhibition and called on all to say the prayers in time.

Chairman of the Art Division, Art Academy Mr. Nazrul Haque said that the Iranian literary figures like Hafiz, Omar Khaim and their literature had great impact on the whole world .Even poet Robindronath Tagore was also influenced by the Persian language and used Persian words in his literature. Persian language was used as our royal language for the last 600 years and still those words are available in Bangladesh .

“ Iran is such a country which upholds the ancient civilization .No matter where it is unearthed in any part of Iran it can be found. From the excavation debris of seven thousand years-old was found in Iran .” The Cultural Councilor of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Dhaka Dr. M.R. Hashemi told in the function. Islam accelerated new dimension over the ancient root of culture, he added. Although Iranians did not contribute in writing, they added new margin with the touch of Islam. They advanced in this art keeping the sanctity of Islam, he further added. He mentioned that in the exhibition 56 pieces of art are exhibiting; among them Ustad Sadakat Jabbari's pieces of art would add new charm in the exhibition.

‘Calligraphy shall enrich our art.' the Professor of the Institute of Fine Arts of Dhaka University told in the inaugural function. He expressed his suspicion whether the calligraphy was added in the fine arts of Bangladesh . He called all to practice the beauty of Calligraphy in the practice of fine arts.

Charge the Affairs of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ahmed Ebadi mentioned that cultural relations between Bangladesh and Iran were age old. He was optimistic that the exhibition would contribute to strengthen the relation between the two countries. ‘The similarity between the two countries is that both of us are Muslim.' he told at his speech. He further added that individualistic culture accumulated with Islam , Iran had achieved a new dimension. The present cultural treasures of Iran nourished by the Holy Quaran, he further mentioned.

The Deputy Director of Bangladesh Art Academy Kamrul Hasan mentioned that the exhibition would add charm to the people. He mentioned Dr.Hashemi's name for the grand consultation to open the International Art exhibition in the Bangladesh Art Academy gallery.

Later Secretary of the Ministry of the Cultural Affairs of Bangladesh ABM Abdul Haque Chowdhury cut the tape and inaugurated the exhibition. The exhibition scheduled to be open for show till 17 January, 2007 from morning 11 AM to 7 PM.


The seminar & Book Ceremony of Jalal Al-e Ahmad

"Pen turned to be my weapon destroyed the hands who is unaware of its usage" -Jalal Al-e Ahmad.

MS Akhter,13 December,2006:

Jalal Al-e Ahmed was the bright star of the Persian literature, he overcame the vogue and successfully portrayed the contemporary society. Furthermore, he compiled his literature within his religious boundary. The Cultural Counsellor Dr. M.R. Hashemi, Embassy of the Islamic Republic Of Iran, Dhaka told in the seminar and book ceremony on Jalal Al-e Ahmad, contemporary Iranian short story writer on 13 December, 2006 at the office of the Cultural Counsellor, Dhanmondi.

Remembering the martyrs of Bangladesh in the liberation war in 1971, he further mentioned that he(Jalal Al-e Ahmad) was one of the the best short story –writer among three best short story writers in Persian literature. He got rid off communism and French influence and lastly dipped in the philosophy of Islam. The writers are the greatest son of the age, the Cultural Counsellor added in the seminar.

As chief guest Dr. Mahmud Shah Qureshi compared the literature of Jalal Al-e Ahmed with the literature of Waliullah of Bangladesh .He further mentioned that while we finish the short story of Jalal Al-e Ahmed, it seemed that it hadn't been finished as like as the definition of short story compiled by Robindronath Tagore.

Poet Al Mujahedi told in the seminar as special guest that there is a bond between Bangladesh and Iran for about five hundred years which ensured the words of Iran like the words of ours. Jalal Al-e Ahmed was a revolutionary figure .At his earliest stage, he confined him as communist.His literature signified with the characters having no names, he added in the speech. Poet Al-Mujahedi dissatisfied with the ruling aptitude of the US Ambassador and reminded that we liberated our country sacrificing many lives. He angrily warned to avoid such alien influence in the politics of Bangladesh .

Guest speaker Asad Chowdhury thanked Abdus Sabur earlier for the enormous contribution for the translation. He further mentioned that Jalal Al-e Ahmad made countrymen optimistic. He mentioned the Ummah and used pen as the weapon , Asad Chowdhury mentioned in the seminar.

Later the seminar finished followed by the refreshment at about 6 o'clock .



Jalal AL-e Ahmed: a short biography

Jalal Al-e Ahmed belongs to a reputable Muslim family in the year 1303 persian year as per 1924 AD. He was devoted to Islam from the very beginning .Although his father had to maintain a large family , Jalal Al-e Ahmad was especially cared for the study. He along with his father used to recite the Holy Quaran in every night and performed salat behind his father. He learned Arabic from his father and could go thorough.

He tried to study in Beirut University , however, his effort dipped in vain and later he enrolled at Tehran University . In Tehran University's life he started to literary work and started to compose short story for ‘Monthly Sukhan' .The first short story ‘ Jiarat'(pilgrimage ) published in the Sukhan which inspired him to go forward. In few years, his book ‘Diid and Bajdid' (Look and visit) swamped him in the stream of Iranian literary figures.

He joined in the Tudeh - a communist party while he studied in the university. Since he was an influential speaker, he made his position in the party within short period of time. Later he became the editor of ‘Mardum'-party paper of Tudeh. Then he was influenced by the Russian literature. However, he abstained from the party since he felt the party wound not be able to fill his thirst.

His love with Siman Danisvar made a significant chapter in the Persian literature .While he was teacher he faced with his lovely one in Ispahan as she was fond of his literature. Later they started conjugal life and she became critics of his literature.

On the eve of oil nationalization movement he again joined in the literary movement and started to write about politics. While Dr. Mosaddek lost his power with military cue staged by the United States of America , he was arrested by Savak . Later he quit the politics again. His ‘Sargujast Kandu ha'(the story of bees) haunted the rear of the defeat of the movement. Later he decided to run his movement through the pen. He considered writing as the religious duty. He decided to abstain from the politics and used pen as the tool for movement.

His visit to Mecca for hajj was duly a significant chapter of his life. He commented that Mecca and Modina should be governed internationally, not by the Saudi rulers.

Returning from Mecca and Modina he visited Russia and later in the USA. He commented in Russia , “I am an Iranian, I must voice the optimistic tune. No matter which place I tune.”

In addition, his father's death made him out of flock and for five years he abstained from the literature except translating ‘Rhino'. Later he composed large story ‘Nefrin-e jamin' about an angry rural school teacher and lastly composed a story basically his life sketch ‘Sangi Bar-e Noori'.While Shah banned his literature, he moved to the northern region at his villa and passed away on 4 th September, 1969.

While he was buried, his mother commented 'Khuda Gulchin Ast'(Allah has picked up the flower).

(The extract of the piece of writing - presented by Dr.M.R. Hashemi,Cultural Counsellor in the Seminar on 13th December,2006 at the venue of the Cultural Counsellor at Dhanmondi in Dhaka)






Poetry of Mosharraf Hussain Khan

Mosharraf Hussain Khan's poetry speaks for the humanity, Allah, Rasul and Ummah.

Poems translation from Bengali: Muhammad Shamim Akhter


We never stopped

Floated over the blood- strained seas, never thought about the life

Faced with the storm and torrential -rain, still we didn't stop.

We didn't stop with the face of fire

Roars hurricane breeze

Scolding of bullet bomb or canon-

rather swam across fresh water

Tried to stop the torrent of storm again and again

tore the sail hundreds of times

Stood atop bathing in blood

still we crossed in the shaky tunnel .

Moved forward crossing over the mountains

Stood in the blood-strained seas dipping unto my chest

never trembled with the fear of hyena

We never came back for the cause of cowardliness

Still we stand, we'll stand likely

Advance for the conquer of dream

We can not but to move forward

we didn't stop ever- do not know how to stop.



The slave of ‘Roots' appeared in the screen of TV

The severe injuries on their bodies

Too awful, too frightful sight

Helpless slave!

No matter he belongs to Africa or another country

Still he is human being .Mankind and the inheritance of Adam.

They are my brothers.

Because the whole earth is my own domicile

The land of existence.


Helpless slave!

Mode of protest, on the line of slaves

A young guy stands by-another rebel young.

The cartridge of anger in the eyes.

Not a single young, flame of fire

The young runs piercing the barrier of the guard

Runs for the life smashing the chains of the slavery.

That young is lovely Anwar

That young like lively Swakat

That spark is like the freed Siraj.

How can we forget the name of yours?

Can mankind become the slave of mankind?

Nor they slave; have a look at those protesting faces are crossing the minaret of the clouds

Beyond the border up to the border free border.

Our hands mould to strong stones.

Those rebellious sights are perilous atoms.

The meaning Anwar is the flow of the molten lava

Swakat- a name of the heavy mountains

Siraj- roars of the angry sea.

And now we stand on the valley of the unfinished war

a combined comet, horses of the stars .

Let's have a look; the top of the fierce head had touched

the brave sun of the dawn.

Those heads won't be defeated ever.

Our hands mould to strong stones.

Those rebellious sights are perilous atoms.

How fascinating!

Can mankind become the slave of mankind?

We are to unfold the chains of the slavery –

Our forceful struggle.



The Baghdad of thousand years of traditions are shaken now

with the foot steps of the sinner hyena namely Ingo-Americans !

George W. Bush, Blair or Sharon –

No, no women gave birth to them.

No women of this earth can birth such heinous issues.

may be some swine hold them in the womb or

any Satans gave birth them

This is the karbala ! –

Where Hussain along with his fellows won

in the Imani exam

This is the Forat

that Dojla !-

The water of which strained in blood

with the holy blood of the son of the prophet's daughter along with his family!

This is the Iraq !-

Where lots of heroes rest in peace,

even the companions of prophet!


The holy city and occupied by the hyena of

Abdul Kader Gilani and Rabeya Bosri !

Every dust of Iraq ,

blowing wind or the tide of Dojla

amazed in surprise!

The weeps of the bird shake the world!-


Holy Iraq-

She is for you, for your end.

Protect with the unseen assistance

Every Muslim Locality including Iraq-

how likely it was protected

against the attack to holy Kaba by Abraha.

Baghdad is burning!


Not Baghdad -the heart is burning!


kabil's Successor


Earth –the name of a planet; now, very fragile, worn out.

And its habitats like the scared refugee Salik(1)

Factory, just opposite to the deserted house, making rough sound relentlessly

Sometimes it was pretended that cloths are not producing here, producing

many infants !

Lo! the sisters of kabil

Do you know that three fourth of money in this earth

is being spent killing your child?

Here blood is cheaper than salt, even priceless indeed .

No favorite game exists

than murder and killing in the earth .

Why not it would happen?

That is the hands of Kabil strained in blood at first

with the blood of his brother

they are the son of that killer father!

I can no longer like such atrocity and blood !

Being fury and ashamed

wish to enter in to the airy body .

Reversely I may settle just opposite in the back of the earth.

Or I may settle in other planet

piercing the belly of the corpse .

Oh! If I had two wings like the Duck from Cyprus

I prefer the silence of the grave

being looked the pathetic ends of Ashraful Moklukat.

I wish I weep several times holding the pillars of the grave

What can poets do

but composing the elegy and weeping

I was afraid when

sounds from the machine on the midst of deserted house

may be an infant of kabil

delivering just now to the shore passing

the blood strained tunnel.


Farrukh Ahmed


By the breathe produced from the naval of the sea

may plunge the age of the world

Suddenly the sailor of the sea returns back

the golden snail from the sea under his arm

an invisible daring eagle awaits in the belly of snail

Seven seas

The sailor of the seven seas stands on the mast

the forest -fear beats on the platform

Someone calls:

Stop the sailor, look the delight of the storm

Storm! Storm is the symbol of the bright courageous, the nature of the sea

The sailor turns and stands before the wild storm

To the edge of the endless sky

The salt water of the sea opens by the sight of the sailor

The bright stone comes off the deep sea

Really he is a poet-

the perfect poet for the eternity




Aida – insulted sister of mine of eight years old

Nadia- insulted honey

The poison of anger of Serbian hyena flows into thousands body

Yet be fearless

Rebellious Hero like Musa

may be bred from the anger

May be thousands of Salauddin shall come off

blasting the stone all in a sudden from that anger

Fire breeding Bosnia-

The meaning of yours now-green less vast field

laughter of the inhumane hyena

the flow of blood

the weeps of the children in the jail

Shout of sister

lament of the have not

The meaning of Bosnia now-the shameless ....of the white bears, piles of corpse

what the dried breath in the refugee camp of Croatia

Lo Bosnia

The Serbian dacoits are the instance of hatred

Tujla -now the thrown lava, burning volcano

Tujla –now the lament of insulted woman

Tujla - now the forest-fire of brutality, melted hills

The failed UN could not give back the honor

yet what is the fear of my native

Thousands of souls awake in front of you

war ahead

Forest at the back, the endless sea

and the golden suns would be woke up through the war

Lo world, world in turmoil

We stand face to face for the final frontier

The burning lava under our feet

The drunkard Serbian bears ahead

The wild breath of the brutality

The laughter of hyena

The wild forest behind, endless sea

Lo World, turmoil world

There is no good news other than war for you

Lo endless

Lo the Lord of invisible

make every bone of the martyr of Bosnia

A canon capable to hit to an accurate

Let every breath of suppressed in the detention centre

a grenade

Let make drop of tear of every insulted woman

an atom

Make every crying helpless infant of Bosnia

a devastating missile, invisible Ababil

There is no elegy for Bosnia

Now are face to face wars

war ahead

The wild forest behind, endless sea

Aida – insulted sister of mine of eight years old

Nadia- insulted honey

Bosnia- Lo fire breeding Bosnia

The poison of hyenas' anger flows in your blood

Deliver rebellious hero like Musa

Let deliver thousands of Salauddin

There is no good news except war in the world

Bosnia –Lo fire breeding Bosnia

From the corner of Asia

Send the atom of anger for the heinous Serbia with the peak of local eagle

And send with the wings of Eagle

a piece of cloth for the satisfaction to cover up your respect

And look and watch

we are aside you

Piercing the minaret of disastrous waves

on the plateau of Herzegovina

we are ready for the war too


Top of the white turban

You know, how scorching the naked earth is

gradually moving under the dark, in to the deep hole

Nothing left before the earth

hope dream or holy land

Leaving behind the blessed fountain laden island some where else

Rushing towards the barren passage of mountain

No water left for drink

No tree left for the shadow

Under the scorching sun

tired for the rush, very tired


War waits ahead, a huge wave for the destruction

tremendous wind over the head

flowing the river for the frightening

The ferocious volcanoes, huge mountain stand around

Please tell my Hazrat which way can be suitable


Both of the banks are inundated smashing the barrier, poison floats

in the juncture of time

before the destruction of the earth

Again uphold your

top of the appeased white turban



Muhammad (SM)


Someone calls at the heart of soundless night

‘Are you not asleep? Listen, huge storm sweeps outside, never-ending

On the edge of the balcony of time deepest dark is hanging

How can you enjoy a fearless sleep in the hottest night'?

The enlightened procession descends blasting from the cloudy minaret

The sky is blue and the yard of the earth is green

His lips are frightened. The mountain, sea, woods

open the loop of the full moon one by one


Muhammad! That name penetrated in my heart –

Let it be known by the nature, let it be known by all. In his name

turn my salam to my left and right all the time .

The love floats in to the calm home

Listen, if you wanna examine my love

then listen ,my heart is open –the river is full of love.












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